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Histroy of St. Anne O.E.S. Chapter

The Chapter of St.Anne was establish in 1968, Under the Leadership of Sis. Sarah Jackson, Our Past Grand Matron, St. Anne is a Proud O.E.S. Chapter, under the Affiliation, of International F.& A.M. Mason, we are a Subordinate Chapter of the Lillian Gill Grand Chapter located at 5323 W. Lake St, In Chicago IL. The chapter of St. Anne was revised after 23 years, by Bernice Green & Gwen Sander in May of 1995, The Chapter Consisted of 4 Members, they were Bernice Green, Gwen Sanders, Joyce Jones,& Jackie Henderson. The Chapter Consist of the Following Members, Sis. Tammie Slack Worthy Matron and Sis. Trinette Rogers Assoicate Matron, Sis. Camille Maghee, Sis. Andriana Steele, , Sis. Nicole Brown, There were several reasons why I chosen, St. Anne as the Chapter of my Choice, First I did the research on the Name and then I looked at the story of Anne. The (3). Things I most admired about her was, 1. She is the Patron Saints of Housewives & Women in Labor, 2. She was the Grandmother of Jesus. 3. The Self-sacifice she endured as a Lady desiring to have a Child, And then give her up. In order to get the Meaning of this Story, you must read the Biblical Story of Anne.

Sis. Bernice Green- Mayfield P.W.M. 1995-2001

Sis. Tammie Slack Worthy Matron